1st Indonesian Food Bowl Quiz Competition 2011

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1st INDONESIAN FOOD BOWL QUIZ COMPETITION 2011 Rules and Guidelines Towards ASEAN Undergraduate Quiz Bowl Competition 2011

Himpunan Mahasiswa Peduli Pangan Indonesia (HMPPI) or Indonesian Student Movement for National Food Security is Indonesian undergraduate student association in food science and nutrition and related science (nutrition, aquatic product and technology, and animal husbandry product and technology). This organization’s name reflects that it has a great potential not only in strengthening student’s professional skill but also in improving mutual understanding and communication among its members. Synergizing both things will lead this organization into stronger state. As the only student organization in Indonesia which brings both fields of food technology and nutrition, HMPPI is eligible to play a role as Indonesia’s representative in the international level. Rather different from other models of organization such as government agencies and private company, these student organizations are characterized by its high spirit of youth, enthusiasm, dare to try, and creativity. Therefore, HMPPI should be able to set an example about how Indonesian students of food technology, nutrition, and related science care upon the nation’s state in term of food and nutrition. This can be proved by its real movement in applying student’s knowledge for the people. Along with its philosophy in improving knowledge and care, HMPPI holds responsibility to create Indonesian food technology and nutrition students to be active participants in nation-building through community service based on its professional core competence. The term of improving professional core competence is not limited within wall of the classroom. It is a universal term which can also be obtained through organizing and joining scholar competitions that may boost student’s knowledge.
Meanwhile, since year 2007 the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (ASEAN COST) together with the Federation of Institutes of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN (FIFTSA) as a professional association of food technologists in Southeast Asia region conducts ASEAN Undergraduate Quiz Bowl Competition. This event is a food bowl quiz competition for Southeast Asia students, held in conjunction with the ASEAN Food Conference. This event is aimed as a support for the new generation of young scientists and as a meeting place for food technology students so that they can expand their network, open their communication, and increase their competence. Participant in this event is a representation of each country in ASEAN. Consequently, Indonesia as part of ASEAN should take participation in this event. Finally, HMPPI featuring with PATPI (Indonesian Food Technologist Association) will hold 1st Indonesian Food Bowl Quiz Competition 2011. This event is also aimed at seeking Indonesian delegation for ASEAN Undergraduate Quiz Bowl Competition 2011. The Food Bowl Quiz is a question and answer game of knowledge and quick recall based on the popular College Bowl Quiz (College Bowl Company, Incorporated). Game questions cover several topics in the field of Food Science and Technology. This game helps to recognize intellectual achievement and assist students in learning the values of group participation. This event is also supported by:

  1. Student Executive Board of Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (Andalas University),
  2. Student Executive Board of Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (Mulawarman University),
  3. Food Science and Technologist Student Association (Himitepa, Bogor Agricultural University),
  4. Animal Production and Technologists Student Association (Himaproter, Bogor Agricultural University),
  5. Food Science and Technologist Student Association (Padjadjaran University and Pasundan University),
  6. Student Executive Board of Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (Soegijaparanata Catholic University), and
  7. Agricultural Product Technologists Student Association (Himalogista, Brawijaya University)


  • To establish the unity and cooperation among members HMPPI between academic, private sector, and government in the field of food science and nutrition
  • To encourage student involvement in activities at national and ASEAN level
  • To facilitate interaction among undergraduate students in the field of food science and nutrition from around Indonesia and ASEAN countries
  • To stimulate a student’s desire to accumulate and retain knowledge
  • To engage in a friendly competition
  • To seek the Indonesian delegation for ASEAN Undergraduate Quiz Bowl Competition 2011 in Thailand, July 17 until July 19, 2011


  • Each contestant must be currently enrolled in the Food Science, Food Technology, Food Science and Technology, or Nutrition program at the university/university college he/she is representing and/or all students of listed member of HMPPI (the commissariats)
  • Team members must be from the same university
  • There is no limit on the number of team from each university
  • All undergraduate students or had just graduated within a school year period when the National and ASEAN FBQ (in 2011) will be held is qualified to join this competition. Proof is a copy of the student card during school year period for undergraduate student and graduate certificate for who had just graduated in 2011.
  • No more than two of the competing team members may be fresh graduate students.
  • Each team must comprise of four (4) undergraduate students (3 contestants, 1 reserve).
  • The committee of the competition (regional and national committee of this competition (including question team)) and the members of national committee of HMPPI (Badan Pengurus Pusat HMPPI) will be excluded from participating on any competing team.


  • Each team must transfer IDR 150.000 to official bank account of HMPPI on behalf of the team captain’s name
  • Official Bank Account of HMPPI Account name : Tasya Ariesta P QQ HMPPI Account number : 9241679103 Name of bank : Bank Muamalat Branch : Cabang Pembantu Jatinangor * Please confirm to Fauziah Tambunan (+6285647928988) after transferring successfully.
  • Each team must submit participation form that can be downloaded at www.hmppi-pangan.org lately on February 20th 2011 at 9 pm (Western Indonesia Standard Time)
  • For registration, please fill the participation form with attachment of

1) The scanning of pay-in slip with clear account number and the amount of money transferred;
2) The scanning of student-id cards and/or graduate certificate.

Then, send it online at indonesian.fbqc@gmail.com with format: Subject: university’s name_province_the team captain’s name Cc: hmppipangan@yahoo.co.id


  • This competition will be delivered in English.
  • This competition consist of two major rounds namely 1) written selection round (elimination round) in 6 (six) different regions, 2) semi-final and final round.
  • 1st Indonesian FBQC Team will provide sample questions that can be downloaded on the website: www.hmppi-pangan.org (Still under development. Please update this info in our official website regularly.
  • The type of questions may be multiple choice questions, true-false questions, cause and effect questions, and short answer questions.
  • Area of study

Questions will be categorized according to the following categories:

1. International food laws and regulations
2. Food safety systems: GMP, HACCP, etc.
3. Basic Food Science: Physical, Chemical, Biological, Microbiological and Nutrition Principles

  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Sensory Evaluation

4. Applied Food Science:

  • Food Preservation/Processing
  • Thermal Processing
  • Packaging
  • Engineering

5. A player who misbehaves or disrupts the game play will be warned. A second violation will result in the player’s ejection from the match in progress and the subsequent rounds. The team may not substitute for this player during the match. The reverse player may be substituted in subsequent rounds, but in the final round, no substitution will be allowed.

Important Dates
1. Registration : January 22nd – February 22nd 2011
2. Written Selection Round :
Sumatera : Andalas Universiy
Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian
Maret 7th 2011

Borneo: Mulawarman University
Fakultas Pertanian
14 Maret 2011

Jabodetabek: Bogor Agricultural University
Fakultas Peternakan
6 Maret 2011

West Java: Padjadjaran University
Fakultas Teknologi Industri Pertanian
6 Maret 2011

Central Java-Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta: Soegijapranata Catholic University
Fakultas Teknologi Pangan
15 Maret 2011

East Java: Brawijaya University
Fakultas Teknologi Hasil Pertanian
13 Maret 2011

3. Semifinalist Announcement : April 20th 2011
4. Semifinal and Final Round : April 29th-30th 2011 at Bogor Agricultural University
5. Delegation announcement : May 2nd 2011
6. Delegation coaching : May-June 2011
7. ASEAN Quiz Bowl : June 16th -18th 2011


  • Each member of the 9 (nine) regional finalist teams will receive a certificate and goodie bag.
  • Each member of the 4 (four) finalist will receive a certificate and trophy. The winner team will receive IDR5.000.000,00, the second place team will receive IDR4.000.000,00, the third place team will receive IDR3.000.000,00, and the fourth place team will receive IDR2.000.000,00. These are subject to change based on our sponsor.
  • Each member of 4 (four) finalist teams will be declared as the young member of PATPI (Indonesian Food Technologists Association) for one year and can subscribe Journal of Food Technology published by PATPI for one year.

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